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Integra Services

Integra offers wireless infrastructure as a service for enterprises across North America.

Just like employees and patrons have come to expect utilities like water and electricity, they also now expect fast wireless connectivity, thanks to the rise of technologies like 5G and the Internet of Things. SVP’s cost-effective, long-term solution equips building owners to offer the “fourth utility.”

Managed Services

Long-Term Managed Services

SVP offers long-term turnkey lifecycle management complete with design, development, implementation, upgrades, monitoring and ongoing maintenance and management. We work consultatively with enterprises to ensure that the systems are state-of-the-art throughout the lifecycle of our contracts, which allows leaders to future-proof their buildings by planning for the needs of tomorrow now, at no additional cost. SVP assumes all responsibility and risk for the technology and connectivity aspects of buildings, allowing its customers to focus on their core business and for the proper use and allocation of their core capital and personnel.

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Wireless Solutions

Comprehensive Wireless Systems for Your Business

SVP transforms wireless connectivity through partnering directly with venues to develop, install, own and operate customized in-building wireless systems, like DAS, Wi-Fi, fiber and Public Safety Systems, IPTV and CBRS OnGo® private LTE private LTE. Each element of SVP’s wireless infrastructure is designed to meet the specific needs required by individual venues. SVP leverages the vast experience of its leaders to deliver best-in-class services in communications technology, risk management and dynamic financial structuring to deliver solutions that fit customers’ unique needs and requirements now and into the future.

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Future-Proofed Technology

While 5G delivers the fastest and most reliable connection today, solutions that promise even greater performance will eventually take hold.

SVP removes the burden of anticipating the next wave of technology upgrades from venue owners. Throughout our long-term lifecycle management partnership, SVP assumes full responsibility for keeping your business at the forefront of the technology curve through monitoring advancements and updating in-building infrastructure. Our approach essentially future-proofs your building and allows for maximum connectivity and performance throughout the term of our partnership.

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CapEx to OpEx

Transform a Capital Expenditure to a Revenue Stream

SVP’s managed services solution converts what has traditionally been a high-priced capital expenditure with uncertain future costs and personnel allocation to a stable and fixed operating expense. With our proven comprehensive wireless solutions system, venue owners can receive up to 90% of the financial upside in the event of wireless carrier capital contributions and rental income at their location(s). SVP manages and coordinates all relationships with key stakeholders at the venue, wireless service providers, equipment manufacturers, integrators and technical service providers. The SVP model allows venue owners to free up valuable financial and human capital so that it can be deployed into essential parts of the business.

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Monitoring & Maintenance

SVP works with key stakeholders to develop customized connectivity solutions, but our commitment to your fast, reliable and secure network doesn’t stop there.

Throughout the term of our relationship, SVP monitors the performance of your IT infrastructure on a 24/7/365 basis. We work with venue owners to provide upgrades to ensure maximum uptime and connectivity on an ongoing basis. Our future-proofed system allows for up to three major upgrades over the course of our agreement, at no additional costs, ensuring your system remains state-of-the-art.

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